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the rural electric bike

The burricleta and all its family electronically assisted pedal bike so that while you are pedalling, it will help you to a more or lesser degree of intensity depending on what you ask for.  A very pleasant feeling that will permit you to do tours in a reflective and effortless way.


Very easy, just like riding a conventional bike.  The extra power will even help to prevent losing your balance on hills and as well as helping with the pedalling.

The dynamics are the same as a conventional bicycle except that the burricleta realises when you are pedalling.  Its motor then starts to help you in proportion to your pedalling in an efficient but quiet way.

It feels very pleasant, as if someone is pushing you along;  you pedal and it moves forward.  Of course, when you stop pedalling or you put the breaks on, the momentum stops as well.

Yes, it has a simple gear system to deal with all types of terrain and for all kinds of people.  The level of the power assitance of the burricleta can be easily adjusted.

The burricleta will assist you up to a speed of 25 km/h, at which point it considers that you’re not on a leisurely bike ride anymore and it doesn’t feel like going any faster.  It also has an accelerator that can help you as you begin pedalling and to a maximum of 6 km/h.

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