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Stories of Girona

A tour through the monumental city of Girona

distance 18 km
accumulated elevation 228 m
maximum slope %
type of route poltre level (low)
mInimum time 2 hours
recommended time 3 hours
code gi03
regions (where we pass by)
starting point

It is said that history, and good stories, start at the banks of a river. And Girona is located at the confluence of four: the Ter, the Onyar, the Güell and the Galligants. Imagine, then, how many good stories can be told about Girona and its people! With this tour, that you can do at our own pace, you will take a tour around the monumental heritage of the city, the best legends, and some hidden an still unknown places.

protected areas (we pass by)
route and elevation profile