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I'm Cuca e-bike

Our most romantic e-bike

La Cuca is a bicycle inspired by Dutch style but made electric so that your rides and transports are calm and relaxed.

Now on sale for only 998€.

La Cuca is an electric bicycle inspired by Dutch bicycles but made electric so that your rides and trips are calm and relaxed. It has the steel frame that allows to have this romantic look. It has cuffs and leather seats.

Now you can buy it online from our on-line store, easily.

Think about how you would go with this bike at work, or just to walk. You can see ya, right? Well, of course!

A beautiful bike with battery and elements to assist while  pedaling. Rideing a bike becomes an easy, comfortable experience with this bike, very elegant. Do not get tired, do not sweat and move easily up to 70 Km..

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