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What is a burricleta?

The burricleta is an electric bicycle with assisted pedalling.  It’s like a normal, conventional bike but it has a small electric motor incorporated into it which helps to make the climbing easier and riding on the flat a pleasure.

Is riding a burricleta easy?

It’s very easy, just as easy as riding an ordinary, everyday bike.  You just need to know how to ride a bike to enjoy the tour.

How does it work?

Just the like a conventional bike, you have to pedal to go forward.  The only difference is that with the electric system connected, the pedalling is assisted and, with the little effort from the legs, the vehicle moves forward.  The feeling you get is is as though someone is pushing you along as you pedal and stops when you stop pedalling.  The electric assistance stops at any moment that either of the burricleta’s brakes are used.  There is also an assistance regulator  (accelerator) which you can use to increase the speed of the burricleta to adapt it to the circumstances of the tour (climbs, flats... ) as long as you’re pedalling and up to a speed of 25 km/h.  If you aren’t pedalling, the assistance doesn’t work over 6 km/h.

Can anyone ride it?

Yes, anyone, old or young, employed or retired.  You don’t need any special training or to be physically fit because the burricleta will keep you moving forward effortlessly, especially on the hills.  The only thing you need is to know how to ride a bike.

Do you need a special permit to ride an electric bike?

No, you don’t need a permit or a licence.

Can children ride them?

Yes, we’ve got miniburricletas, the first electric bikes adapted for children.  The minimum height is 1,30m but it also depends on the build and capability of each child.  If the child doesn’t reach this height, we can put a child seat onto an adult’s burricleta at no extra cost.

Can I hire a burricleta while someone else in the group brings their own touring or mountain bike?

Yes, of course.  If someone in the group wants to ride an ordinary bike, they can but on the hills they’ll remember that they made the wrong decision!

Can we ride in a group?

Of course.  It’s highly recommended and it’s much more fun to go for a bike ride with a group of friends or family.  We’ve gor special prices for groups.  Travelling by burricleta, pedalling effortlessly, surrounded by nature helps create a good atmosphere and friendship.

Do I have to wear special clothes?

No.  You can ride a bike wearing ordinary, everyday clothes which are suitable for the weather at the time.  Being an outdoor activity, it’s always recommended that you carry some warm, waterproof clothes with you in case the weather changes.

What happens is the battery goes flat in the middle of the ride?

The Burricleta is like a bicycle, so if the battery goes flat, you can still continue by pedalling.  The tours are calculated so that the battery lasts for the whole route under normal conditions.  However, there are some variables that affect the battery life and these depend on the use of the accelerator and the weight of the cyclist.  We recommend that you phone the Burricleta Centre so that they can help you enroute and you don’t miss out on the advantages of the assisted pedalling.

In the case of hiring for two days or more, a charger is included which the rider can use to fix the problem for themselves.

In case of a break down, what do I do?  How will they come to help me?

Although the burricleta is a very reliable vehicle, we have enroute breakdown assistance to solve any possible problems which might arise during the route.  Just a phone call to the Burricleta Centre where you hired the burricleta from and we will start working to help you so that you can continue the tour, with a replacement burricleta if necessary.

And if I have an accident, how will you help me?

We’ve hardly ever had to deal with an accident at Burricleta but if one happens, you can phone the Burricleta Centre and we will come to help the person or people involved, take them to the nearest medical centre and if necessary we will come with a specialist emergency medical team

The burricleta GPS comes with an SOS button in case of emergency, it has the Burricleta Centre telephone number and the exact position of the GPS coordinates so that we can guarantee the quickest most reliable assistance service.

Is accident insurance included in the hiring?

Yes, it’s included.  The Burricleta Centre can inform you of the conditions.

What’s included in the half day hire?

The half day hire includes the burricleta (with or without the child seat) and helmet and a fully charged battery.  The half day hire is for a maximum of 5 hours during the morning (between 9:00 and 14:00) or during the afternoon (between 15:00 and 20:00).  Whatever time you pick up the Burricleta to start the tour, it must be returned to the centre before 15:00, if it was picked up in the morning, or before 20:00 if it was picked up in the afternoon.  The Tour Assistence Service is always included.

And the full day hire?

The full day hire includes the burricleta (with or wothout a child seat) and helmet and a fully charged battery.  There are two types of day hire: Full day  Burricleta tour hire and an independant  full day hire without a tour.  For the full day Burricleta tour, you can pick up the bike from 9:00 and you must take it back before 20:00.  The independant full day hire is for up to 24 hours and you can pick up the Burricleta at the time arranged with the Centre as long as it’s during opening hours (between 9:00 and 20:00).  The Tour Assistance Service is included during the agreed hire period on the tours but it doesn’t apply to the independant hire.

What is not included in the hire?

The hire doesn’t include the following which can, however, be contracted separately:

-       Interactive GPS

-       Service of a guide

-       Hammock

-       Picnic bag

Can I hire the burricleta all weekend?  Or for more days?

Yes, there’s no problem.  You can hire it for the whole weekend, picking it up from 15:00 on Friday and returning it beore 20:00 on Sunday.  You can also hire it for three days or for a week.  In all these cases, a battery charger is included in the hire.  Consult prices for more than 3 days.

What are the tours?

Each Burricleta Centre has designed tours in its surrounding area to allow you to discover the most interesting spots and stories of that place.  Each tour has a set route, distance, metres of climbing and different items that you will find on the way.  They are classified into different levels of difficulty (high-medium-low) and recommendations (family-cultural-gastronomic-...) so that each group can decide which tour suits them best.  When you pick up the Burricleta, you can decide which tour to do from what’s on offer at that Centre.  If you want to do a tour which doesn’t start at the Centre, you must let them know beforehand  at the time of booking so that they can organise the transport of the burricletas to the start point.

What is the Burricleta tours philosophy?

The Burricleta tours philosophy is one of riding effortlessly through natural environments allowing all sorts of people to have a good time with the only physical requirement being to know how to ride a bike.  It isn’t either a sports or a competitive philosophy. Our way of being is friendly, informative and reflective.  To sum it up, riding a bike effortlessly over all types of terrain.

Are the tours open or are they programmed outings?

The burricleta tours are open.  You can come, choose the tour and do it alone, as a couple, as a family or as a group independantly, guided just by the GPS and maintaining the intimacy of the group.

We also offer special activities on certain programmed tours (full moon tour for example).  These tours do have starting time and they are organised in a collective and coordinated way.  In this case, everything is well explained in the activity.

How does the GPS work?  What’s it for?

You won’t ever get lost with the GPS and you’ll always know which point of the tour you’re at.  Our tours use the GPS in an interacitve way with interesting information about the itinerary which you can listen to at each stop just like an audioguide in a museum.  This information is based on cultural and natural vaules, both tangible (architecture, geology, botany, fauna...) and intangible (history, legends, landscapes, values...).

Thus, the experience is yours.  You can go alone at your own pace, stopping when and where you want.

Do I have to hire the GPS?

You don’t have to hire the GPS but we strongly recommend it.  With the hire of the burricleta, you get a tour information sheet about the itinerary that you want to do.  This will give you an overall idea of  the tour, the tour profile and the highlights that you’ll find on the way. Theis information sheet isn’t designed to be used as a guide for the tour and so, if you aren’t familiar with the area, we recommend that you hire the GPS.  This will also give you extra cultural information in an audio format so that you can find out more about the area that you’re passing through.

Does each burricleta carry a GPS?

No. Our recommendation is that at least one person in the group, whether  a big or small group, carries a GPS to orientate everyone and so that everyone can gather around the GPS to listen to the information related to the natural and artistic items found during the tour.

If I want someone to guide and accompany us during the tour, is that possible?

Yes, no problem.  All we ask is that you ask forone in advance and at the time of booking.  We can’t guarantee a guide if you ask for one at the time of picking up the burricletas and starting the tour.

Do you have to follow one of the Burricleta tour routes or can you also decide where to go yourself?

You don’t have to but we strongly recommend that you follow the tours that Burricleta has designed around each Centre.  They have been thought out so that you can enjoy the different natural and cultural highlights that the area has to offer, they guarantee that the paths you are travelling on are suitable for the burricleta and they are calculated so that the battery doesn’t run out and the tour assistence service is available.

What can I do during the tour?

Look at the trees, go up mountains, come down to the valleys, talk and laugh with friends, breathe fresh air, swim in the river, take a nap under a tree, discover hidden romanic chapels, learn about the ancient, local legends, eat in the shade of a pine sum up, DISCONNECT from the stresses of daily life and ENJOY nature freely and effortlessly.

Are there any other accessories to hire?

Yes.  So that you can organise a relaxing and complete outing, we can provide  you with some very interesting accessories:

-  a fully equipped picnic rucksack to improvise an outdoor meal for up to 4 people.  This includes: -       Coberts d'acer inoxidable.

-       4 melamine plates

-       4 acrylic glasses

-       Cotton napkins

-       Cotton tablecloths

-       Chopping board

-       Pepper and salt cellars

-       “thermo” part at the back with an insulated compartment for a bottle.

-       Food compartment

-  hammock to have a nap in the shade of the trees.  It’s individual, made of cotton and has two straps to hang it up between the trees.

Can Burricleta provide food for a meal during the tour?

Burricleta can’t provide you with food for a picnic, you have to bring it yourelves or let Burricleta advise you with a list of nearby establishments where you can find traditional local food (artisanal cold meats, artisanal cheeses, wines and cava, cakes, bread etc...) and establishments for general food shopping.  However, we can offer you a very interesting alternative which is to enjoy a burricleta “menu” at weekends and on bank holidays for 15€ for adults and 10€ for children at restaurants we work together with and which you will find along te way on our tours. Ask at the Centre at the time of booking or picking up and we’ll tell you about the available options.

What can be put in the paniers on the back?

You can put warm clothes, towels and swimsuits in the paniers and anything else that you might need during the tour. If you’d prefer, you can leave your belongings at the Burricleta Centre and pick them up when you finish the tour.

If I’m staying in a rural cottage, can my burricleta be brought to the cottage?

Yes, we can bring it, with just two conditions: that  the burricleta  hire must be for at least 2 days or for the weekend and that the group is at least 6 people

And if I really like it, can I buy a burricleta?

Of course!  Burricleta is an electrically bike especially designed by us and we are the Official Sales Service and Technical Assistance Service.

But Burricleta is more than that, we are electric bike specialists with a guarantee service and we are distributors of more than 60 different models of electric bikes for manufacturers such as Raleigh, Bea, Ecobike and Veliac with a wide range of prices and models.  We offer the advantage of being able to try out many of these models at the Burricleta Centre with the help and advice of our experts.

And if I want to set up a Burricleta Centre where I live, how do I do this?

The end aim of this initiative is to be able to count on a wide Burricleta Centre Network, specialists in the hiring, selling and maintenance of electric bikes worldwide.  Therefore, all those  people who are interested in setting  up a Burricleta Centre business can contact us and we’ll give them all the support they need to run a sustainable business which benefits the local area.

Is there anything else I need to know about Burricleta?

Yes, the most important.thing: YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT TIMEriding a Burricleta.  You’ll experience a new way of getting to know the landscape and the local monuments, you’ll breathe fresh air, you’ll share unforgettable moments with your friends and family and most importantly you won’t get tired!

Alguna cosa més que hagi de saber de Burricleta?

Sí, la més important: anant amb Burricleta T’HO PASSARÀS MOLT BÉ. Tastaràs una nova manera de conèixer el paisatge i els monuments del teu voltant, respiraràs aire pur, compartiràs moments irrepetibles amb els teus amics i familiars, i, sobretot, no et cansaràs!