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Les Garrigues Burricleta Stable

Centre de la Cultura de l'Oli de Catalunya
Plaça de la Independencia, 1
25177 La Granadella, Lleida

Telf: +34 973 094 101

At the Burricleta Stable in Les Garrigues de la Granadella, right in the heart of the region, we offer our visitors electric bikes and exclusive tours so they can spend their free time in an alternative way, in a natural environment and at another pace.

You will have the opportunity to get to know what it's like to live in the region, to learn about the landscape formation of the world best olive oil production area and to participate in some unique olive oil tourist experiences


Tasting the oil and gastronomy of les Garrigues, understanding the dry stone walling culture and talking with the local people is a priviledge that was until recently confined to a limited few.  We offer you the possibilty of experiencing, in an alternative way, one of the most authentic and less known regions in the country.


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other associated points
environment and interesting sites
  • Olive oil museum of Catalunya in Granadella
  • Church of Sant Antoni 1km away
  • Viewpoints of the six regions route
  • Viewpoints of l'Ebre route
  • Peaks and valleys route of Granadella
  • Interpretation centre of Pedra Seca in the town of Torrebesses
  • Cave paintings of Cogul declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998
  • Montsant Nature Reserve
  • Rock climbing area of Margalef
  • Olive tree landscapes
where to sleep nearby:
  • The Granadella
  • Ca la Ignasia Granyena of lesGarrigues
  • The Garbinada Torrebesses
  • The Palau de Torrebesses Margalef
  • Bovera inn, campsite and  refuge
  • caravan site
  • The Pobla de Cérvoles town
  • Cal Pastor i Cal Gort
  • Ulldemolins - inn, campsite 
burricletas / available vehicles
burricleta: 4

available routes

good views over one part of Catalonia
Les Garrigues EB
distance 17 km
accumulated elevation 188 m
maximum slope 12 %
type of route poltre level (low)
mInimum time 2 hours
recommended time 3 hours
code lg01

It is a circular tour with exceptional landscapes which links the towns of Granadella and Bellaguarda. You are surrounded by the panoramic views of the Ebre depression and you can see as far as the sea and up to the Pyrenees.  There are places of amazing natural beauty to enjoy such as the forests, almond tree orchards, corn fields or olive trees plantations.


silent valleys through olive tree orchards
Les Garrigues EB
distance 29 km
accumulated elevation 643 m
maximum slope 10 %
type of route poltre level (low)
mInimum time 4 h 30 m
recommended time 6 hours
code lg02

Circular route that links the municipalities of Granadella and Torrebesses.

Depending on the pace, it can require an entire day.

You can enjoy historical spots, a study centre, open spaces of olive and almond trees, valleys, windmills, stone walls and, most importantly, an ambience of silence and tranquility.

If you end up by buying olive oil and trying out the local dishes you will have had a full day out