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Punt de trobada Flaçà station

Estació de Flaçà

Plaça de l´Estacio del Carrilet, s/n,
17463 - Flaçà

Telf ​+34 972 755 082

opening seasons:
☑︎ January
☑︎ February
☑︎ March
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☑︎ May
☑︎ June
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opening days:
☑︎ Monday
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burricletas / available vehicles
burricleta: 30
burricleta trailer
burricleta trailer: 1
burricleta family pack
burricleta family pack: 2

available routes

Epic medieval villages i the Empordà
PT Flaçà
distance 40 km
accumulated elevation 711 m
maximum slope %
type of route somera level (high)
mInimum time 3 hours
recommended time 4 hours
code gi06
burricleta child seat
burricleta child seat
burricleta family pack
burricleta family pack
wineries and wine
charming villages

This tour runs between Girona, at the foot of the Gavarres Mountains and the Empordà, a land of great beauty that step by step will explain you an episody of our history and lifes of our ancestors.

This Burricleta tour takes you to discover a beautiful historical and cultural heritage with charming medieval villages like Monells and Madremanya and the surrealist art of genius Salvador Dalí in Púbol.